019: “Admins Of S.H.I.E.L.D”


Episode 19 is live! Catch it here!

Greg and Leon explore worlds of post apocalyptic fantasy, the struggles of supernatural soldiers, the broken psyche of a cosmic god, tales of hardened warriors in gladiatorial combat, and Dark Knights from broken universes, in this our 19th episode featuring: The Realm #1, Retcon #1, Wonder Woman/Conan #1, Dark Knights- Batman: The Red Death and Mister Miracle #2 !

In this episode, Greg and Leon discuss:

We also answer questions about our favourite introductions and forewords from collected trades, as well as which comic book characters we would be willing to be employed by and put in overtime for!

Images of the introductions and forewords we discuss are here as follows: “Ministry Of Space”, “Space Riders”, and “finally Batman: Haunted Knight”.


Send any questions or feedback to acecomicals@gmail.com.
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