012: “His House Is Totally Made Of Bear Pelts”

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Episode 012 is live!

You can listen here!


The three of us are back. A full team! In this Episode:

Greg goes Psychedelic with weird Grind-house Sci-Fi book Space Riders: Galaxy Of Brutality and goes on tour with the Wyld Stallyns!! in Bill And Ted Save The Universe.

Greg and Leon join the War on Bearror with Shirtless Bear Fighter.

Rahul and Greg check in with the one and only friendly neighbourhood web-slinger in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man.

The three of us discuss the witchcraft of the Americana infused horror book Winnebago Graveyard.

Leon and Rahul give us their thoughts on the second issue of Victor LaValle’s Destroyer and Rahul gets body swapped with Crosswind!

All this and a whole host more from the stack packed in for your listening pleasure!

Remember to get in touch at acecomicals@gmail.com.

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Ace Comicals, over and out!


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