Episode 010: “This Is Fast Becoming The Image Cast”

ace comicals 010 banner copy.png

Episode 010 is now available!

Give it a listen here!

Rahul is missing, somewhere deep in Puzzlewood Forest, So its up to Leon and Greg to hold the fort! Its all coming up Image right now and this time we have some crossover!

This episode: Greg gets all techo-espionage conspiratorial with Samaritan Veritas. Both Greg and Leon grapple with Victor Lavalle’s modern Frankenstien’s monster, Destroyer. Greg re-visits a title mentioned in an earlier show, the fantastically uneasy and unnerving horror book Underwinter. Leon has been picking up on Greg’srecommendations and has come to the table armed with Issues one and two of Godshaper and both guys agree that Curse Wordshas a special kind of magic! To finish Greg tells you why he is enjoying the swords and sorcery of Rose.

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We mention music when discussing Victor Lavalle’s Destroyer and figured we would link the songs for your listening pleasure:

Ace Comicals, over and out!


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