Let’s Talk Curse Words!

This book is a cool discovery of mine that I wanted to share! I had seen some advertising for it via the various Image Comics social media accounts and the premise piqued my interest. They promised fantasy leanings combined with a dash of wit and satire; they did not disappoint. It is hilarious. One of the funniest books I have read in a long, long time.

The tale goes that a powerful wizard named Wizord (who isn’t exactly the nicest guy – at all), Travels to New York from a dimension of medieval fantasy with the aim of enslaving the population of the world to serve his master. The Catch is that he grows to love our world. Magic is a new thing here and he realizes that he can capitalize on this. He conjures up a tale, telling the people that he is here to defend them from dark magical forces. He begins performing magic tricks for money with the aim of helping people and winds up becoming extremely famous and rich. The whole world is watching him at this point and he likes his new life. He loves being famous as a total badass hero/ miracle worker, rather than a heinous monster. However this is threatened when his past starts to catch up with him, as other evil sorcerers and sorceresses, loyal to his master, begin to turn up with the aim of destroying him. The cracks start to show!

So far I’ve found this book to be bursting with a wealth of pure comic book, over the top fun. There is a certain brand of mayhem that this book displays, which has me grinning wide and silly from cover to cover. The fantasy, fable tinged atmosphere is perfected and maintained, with great results, by the creative team of Charles Soule, Ryan Browne, and Jordan Boyd.

The art is bold and colourful, often in a kind of bright pastel tie-dye pallet. The colours really breathe life to the magical and fantasy elements of the book, giving everything an ethereal pop and crackle. The lines are thick and very graphic, but the art retains a level of detail and realism. There are panels in this book that look so “Rad” with all the colours and dynamism, that you’d swear they were meant for a psychedelic album sleeve or a tee-shirt of your favourite Thrash Metal band.

The writing is fast paced and humorous, you never quite know what is going to happen next and I mean that sincerely.  The creators themselves describe the book as “Gonzo Fantasy” In the official press release, and the first two books really are a wild ride.

This is definitely one I will be continuing to follow in coming months because I just love the winding and chaotic nature of the tale so far.

This is a definite recommendation so if you get the chance, pick it up!  Included along with this post are the first two covers by Ryan Browne and Jordan Boyd and the images from the Official Image Press Release that you can read here. Also I thought I would include this interview with the creative team.  



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