Batman TMNT Adventures: The Saturday Morning Cartoon Crossover Of My Dreams!

So Yesterday on my way to a late shift at work, I ducked into the comic shop and picked up my weekly order of comics as is often the case on a Wednesday. But see this week was a bit more special. There has been one week every month, since November last year that I have looked forward to, and its the week where I get the latest Issue of Batman TMNT Adventures.

For me, right now this book stands tall above anything else I am currently reading. Oh don’t misunderstand I wouldn’t read something if I didn’t enjoy it but this? This is on another level.

You might say, if you knew me, that my adoration of this book is a given as it is uncannily tailored to my undying love of both Batman AND Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You might dismiss my gushing praise as ramblings of a biased fan. But this comic screams quality, and it screams loudly. The story itself is set within a  marriage of the classic Batman Animated Series and the currently airing TMNT 2012 Universes.

Both shows are very different in aesthetic and style but the art team, the insanely talented Jon Sommariva and colourist Leonardo Ito do an amazing job of marrying the Bruce Timm Art-Deco influences of Batman TAS, and the awesome punchy designs of the TMNT 2012 world.  This is clear from the moment you lay eyes on their cover art (The images I have included with this post are cover designs for issues 1-4 by  the aforementioned artists).

Each and every page you look at as you thumb through a copy of the book, oozes movement and colour in a way that makes reading this comic feel more like watching a cartoon and the writing only adds to this. Matthew K. Manning does an excellent job, striking a balance between the different worlds with the way the characters interact. Its fast paced, fun and effortlessly carries the spirit of both of the shows it is based on.  The dialogue used by the characters is spot on.

The book feels like a complete love letter to its Saturday Morning Cartoon  roots. When I open it I instantly go back to Sonic The Hedgehog Pajamas and a bowl of Coco Pops. Batman TAS was sort of my main introduction to Batman as a child and it is nice to see it so alive in these pages, alongside my current favourite cartoon: TMNT. Which is by far the best animated representation of the Heroes In A Half Shell to date.

I’m going to stop here because I promised myself I would do this without taking a dip in spoiler lagoon. 

So overall I guess what I’m trying to say is buy it and read it. Do it. and if you are anything like me you will not be disappointed! I for one, cannot wait for the next issue and to see where this story goes.  Hopefully we get around to doing a deeper discussion of this book  at some point on the Ace Comicals Podcast!

Over And Out







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